Bachelor thesis and master thesis

Creation and optimization of graphics, tables for bachelor thesis and master thesis

Many students, PhD students and lecturers hire us to create and optimize graphs, images, charts and spreadsheets. The creation and improvement of the graphics and tables is done for their bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation, term paper, seminar paper as well as lecture scripts and paper. Theses, but also seminar papers, project work and chores can contain many illustrations, graphics, pictures, diagrams and tables. Relatively often, these have been created or implemented in insufficient quality, which is likely to negatively impact optical consistency, perception and grading also, try to write essay for me . But also professors, lecturers and scientific publishers have pictures, diagrams, visualizations, tables and book covers created by us.

Either images or tables have only been copied from sources (copy & paste) or scanned and implemented, which is normally not allowed and often leads to an inhomogeneous appearance and poor image quality (blurred, poorly readable), not only on the monitor, but especially in printed form.

Our graphic artists are absolute professionals for scientific publications and create uniform, meaningful and high-quality illustrations, graphics, diagrams and tables; also in the Express, if it should be times tighter!

What should good tables and pictures look like?

Illustrations and tables should, in our experience, meet the following criteria in order to be considered successful:

They were created by themselves, even if templates were used from sources (so no simple copy and paste).

They are created according to a uniform scheme / design to give a homogenous overall impression (uniformity).

They have been implemented in high enough resolution to allow good print quality.

If colors are used, they should be selected so that even in black-and-white printing, data in diagrams and curves can be clearly distinguished.

Images (e.g., of machinery or medicine) should have no hue or contrast weaknesses and be implemented in the highest possible quality.

When does it make sense for you to book our graphics service?

Illustrations and tables should, in our experience, meet the following criteria in order to be considered successful:

Weaknesses or lack of experience in dealing with graphics software and the typical requirements for documents to be printed.

Lack of time because other texts and content have to be created or edited and the deadline is approaching.

You just want to play it safe and get your work translated into the highest possible quality!

How do you create and optimize graphics and tables?

You either hand sketches (as picture or scan file) or copies of pictures from other sources or self-made pictures to be optimized, simply by e-mail or via the inquiry form.

Of course, if you have specific requirements from your university, we need them together with the assignment.

Our graphic artists create the pictures and tables that are the subject of the commissioning. Sometimes, with several figures or tables, a sample object is first created and submitted to the customer for approval, before the rest are implemented according to the same principle.

Rectification: Should there be any gross deviations from the written guidelines, figures and tables will of course be adapted accordingly by our graphic designers.

Which file formats are supported?

For graphics / illustrations: Abobe Illustrator (.ai), EPS (only as a template for new versions), PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF and other common formats

For tables: Microsoft Word spreadsheets, Excel spreadsheets, Open Office spreadsheets, Apple Pages spreadsheets

How fast can images / tables be created or optimized?

In standard time we need about one working day to create a picture.

In the Express, multiple graphics or tables can be created or optimized within 24 hours.

In an emergency, we also offer our express service for graphic design (table creation) over the weekend, over night and over the holidays!

TIP: Use our free reservation service for planning security!№

It is foreseeable that you would like to create or optimize several illustrations or tables? Then it makes sense for your own planning security to reserve our graphics service at a time window of your choice. Several times a year there are phases that can go on for several weeks, in which a lot of work is submitted. Even if we have some graphics professionals, then bottlenecks can occur. In particular, the creation of graphics and tables in the Express can then be problematic. But with a free reservation (without reservation fees) you are on the safe side! The following advantages of a reservation make you the winner:

Guaranteed implementation (eg creation of graphics and tables) in your desired and booked desired time window!

The reservation gives you planning security and you can concentrate on still open parts of your work.

For the Express implementation of graphic projects, a reservation is very important if you want to ensure the implementation within a certain future time window.

With our reservation service you stay flexible in time! If you would like to submit the documents later than agreed with us, you would have to inform us by e-mail at least four days before the agreed delivery date (dates to us) of a new desired date. We then agree again in writing (by e-mail) the new date. For an additional charge you can also upgrade from standard conversion time to express in an emergency.

A reservation has only advantages for you!