Creation of a PowerPoint presentation to defend a bachelor thesis, dissertation or master thesis

Many students and PhD students book our service to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation. The creation of the PowerPoint presentation takes place in connection with the defense of your bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation or scientific publication. After the successful submission of your bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or doctoral thesis, the defense usually follows the supervisor, the reviewers and the wider audience. Now you have to score with a convincing PowerPoint presentation.

Our graphic artists are absolute professionals and have many years of experience with scientific publications, theses, essay writing service dissertations and presentations. We either create the PowerPoint presentation according to the specifications submitted by you in writing or choose one of our professional PowerPoint templates / designs, which are then adapted to your work.

Express creation of a PowerPoint presentation

Even if the time is tight, we can provide you with our express service to create a PowerPoint presentation for e.g. Your bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis help.

What you need to supply us to make a PowerPoint presentation from it?

To create a PowerPoint presentation, we need the following documents from you:

Text: We need the text per “foil” either as Word, OpenOffice or TXT file. A Word page then corresponds to a slide. Remember that a slide should consist of a maximum of 50 words. More text often hurts the clarity and the audience then tends to switch off.

Graphics: Either you deliver us the graphics / images (again ever slide) or you can create this with us or optimize.

Specifications: If you have specific specifications, we need them together with your order.

When should the creation of a PowerPoint presentation be booked?

Lack of experience creating professional PowerPoint presentations (Keynote presentations)

Lack of time to plan and create a PowerPoint presentation

Sure is safe and therefore you want to put the creation in the hands of professionals


Which file formats are supported?

For graphics / illustrations: Abobe Illustrator (.ai), EPS (only as a template for new versions), PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF and other common formats

For texts: Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Apple Pages, TXT, RFT, PDF

How fast can Powerpoint presentations be created?

In standard time and with existing documents (texts, graphics, etc.), we need about four to five working days to produce about 10 to 20 slides.

In the Express and existing documents (texts, graphics, etc.), the implementation is also possible within 24 to 48 hours or faster.

In case of emergency, you can book our presentation service in the Express also over the weekend or over holidays.

TIP: Free reservation for creating a PowerPoint (Keynote) presentation!

Several times a year there are phases in which a particularly large number of PowerPoint presentations are submitted in defense of a scientific work. In these phases, despite our many employees, bottlenecks can occur if too many express orders are to be implemented. With the reservation but you can only win:

Contractually guaranteed implementation in the booked desired time window!

You gain planning security and can concentrate on upcoming work and tasks.

If you want to express build a Powerpoint presentation, it’s a good idea to make a reservation for these potential bottlenecks in rush hour phases.

Despite reservation you stay flexible in time. If you need a little more time than contractually agreed to submit us the documents / specifications for the PowerPoint presentation to be created by e-mail, you can call us a new desired date at least four days before the agreed delivery date. We will then confirm in writing by e-mail the new possible date. For an extra charge, you can also upgrade from standard time creation to express creation. Then we can create the presentation faster.

A reservation is absolutely sensible and you stay flexible!